About The Yogi

After practicing yoga for eight years, I finally decided to enroll in teacher training in 2018 with CorePower Yoga in Denver, Colorado. In 2019, I was hired on February 21st, and I will never forget it. Teaching yoga has changed my life completely, and I am now more convinced than ever that its life-changing depths are endless.

Frequently Ask Questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions that I hear..

Yes. I received my Yoga Sculpt certification from CorePower Yoga in Denver, Colorado in 2018. After teaching for about a year, I decided to pursue my 200 hour certification, which is the one that you truly need in order to be taken seriously as a yoga instructor. In 2023, I also received my certification in teaching Hot Power Fusion, which is more or less the classic 26-2 Bikram series that first got me hooked on yoga over ten years ago! Today, I have three certifications total.

I was hired on February 21st of 2019, which means that I have been teaching for roughly five years. It has been the best five years of my life.

Yes, yes, and yes!! This is exactly WHY you should come to a yoga class! There is no yogi in the entire world who started yoga with already-built-in flexibility and strength. We go to the joy room to grow and change through our flexibility! Absolutely no one expects you to come to class with advanced skills! Even if you cannot touch your toes, please come to class so that you can bend and move your body in a way that will allow you to touch your toes in one to three months time! I’ll help you!

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